Crown Jewel Churchill Natural Review

28 Jun
Crown Jewel Natural Churchill Wrapper: From the valleys of the Guayas Providence in Ecuador

Binder: Bucay region of Ecuador

Filler: Blend of specially cultivated Dominican “Piloto Cubano” 5 year aged long leaf tobacco from the North Central Region of the Cibao Valley and a sweet selected Peruvian long leaf estate tobacco from the exclusive San Martin region of the Northern Amazon

Strength: Mild-Medium

Body: Mild-Medium


The pre-light aroma is pleasantly sweet, with notes of honey. The pre-light draw is creamy with hints of sweetness. The cigar is soft and a bit spongy to the touch.

First Inch
The cigar opens up with some spicy flavors and hints of vegetation. The draw is a little tough, and the burn is a bit uneven.
First Third
After the first inch, the profile opens up to notes of almond, though the finish still has notes of herbs and vegetation. The draw opens up nicely after the first inch, but unfortunately the burn worsens and tumbles quickly into a canoe. I am a bit surprised at the canoeing since I have smoked a couple of these sticks previously with no burn issues.
Second Third
The profile in the second third evolves into nutty, creamy flavors with a hint of spice. The finish is pleasant and lightly peppery. After the first third of the cigar, I attempted to fix the canoeing issues, but the burn still tends toward canoeing. The cigar is also starting to burn a bit warm.
Final Third
The nutty flavors continue to be strong in the final third of this smoke. The profile has smoothed out and I get the occasional sweet note. The finish is smooth and creamy, but still has hints of vegetation. The burn finally evens out with the help of some touch-ups in the second third. The cigar continues to burn warm, and the draw in the final third is hot.
This is a mild enough smoke that it can be enjoyed in the morning with coffee. It can also be enjoyed with coffee flavored or nutty liquors, such as Kahlua or Amaretto. A creamy porter would work well with this cigar, too.
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One response to “Crown Jewel Churchill Natural Review

  1. Humidor

    November 17, 2011 at 5:38 am

    Uhhh… that burn is really bad! But the most important is, that the stick did taste well!
    Smoke on…Humidor (aka Torget)


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