Puros Reynoso Caballero Corona No. 4

27 Jul

Recently while on vacation in Key West, I had the pleasure of a happenstance meeting with a sales representative for Puros Reynoso Cigars ( When he learned that I blog about and review cigars, we exchanged information and a week later I had a sample of Puros Reynoso cigars in the mail. I tried the Caballero Corona No. 4 a few nights ago. The Caballero, which translates to “Gentleman”, was created to honor the city of “Santiago de los 30 Caballeros” which is where the Puros Reynoso plantation and factory are location.

Size: 5.5 x 42

Wrapper: Dominican Connecticut

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican

Strength: Mild-Medium


The cigar is sufficiently firm to the touch. I see a few prominent veins and some spotting on the wrapper. The wrapper and foot of the cigar give off a pleasantly sweet aroma prior to lighting the stick. The pre-light draw is sweet and earthy.
First Third
The Caballero has an easy, pleasantly warm draw from the start while the cigar is burning nice and cool. I get mostly leathery flavors with some light notes of sweetness on the front of the palate. There is a very faint spice on the finish.
Second Third
There is an abrupt transition of flavors about one third of the way through. I now get strong notes of roasted nuts, which compliments the warm smoke of the cigar nicely. The spice on the finish lingers for awhile and is just a bit stronger now. The finish now also has a touch of sweetness. About halfway through, I start to get some notes of spice on the front of the palate. Hints of nutmeg creep into the finish, doing away with the light sweet flavors I noted earlier. The peppery flavors on the finish get stronger now as well.
Final Third
At first, a light sweet cinnamon flavor blends into the flavors of roasted nuts. The peppery flavors on the finish continues to build. In the last inch or so, the cinnamon flavors disappear and the notes of nuts dominate the palate. The nutty notes linger on the finish before giving way to strong notes of pepper.
Overall Thoughts
The Caballero had an easy draw from start to finish. The burn was mostly even throughout the smoke, and I had no need to relight or touch up the cigar. The cigar produced full plumes of fragrant smoke. This cigar requires a drink that can stand up to, but not overpower its strong nutty and peppery flavors.
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