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09 Aug
I recently had the pleasure of visiting C&C Cigars headquarters in Bradenton, FL with the officers of my local CRA Club. We have an upcoming sunset cruise event, and C&C Cigars has generously offered to be one of our sponsors and supply cigars for the event. We were greeted by John Chiusano, Jeff Aronson, Shane Hays and Maurice Tisseur. They were a very welcoming group, immediately giving us samples of their new Roll Back line to enjoy while we chatted.

We quickly learned that this group, who have been working together since their days at Cusano Cigars, is (rightfully) very passionate about their products. Joe Chiusano put it best when he said C&C Cigars “makes cigars for people who smoke cigars”. They clearly understand that there are people in the cigar community who enjoy several cigars a day, and that not all cigar smokers are easily able to afford to smoke several cigars on a daily basis. Hence, the birth of the Roll Back line. The Roll Back, available in bundles, is offered in Connecticut and Natural Ecuadorian Maduro wrappers (“Natural” because no processing is done to the wrapper beyond what is required to produce a Maduro wrapper). Initially, the Roll Back will be available in 3 sizes: Robusto (5×50; MSRP $2.09), Toro (6×52; MSRP $2.29) and Churchill (7×50; MSRP $2.49).

As I smoked my Maduro, I realized they had created a cigar that is a great anytime smoke. It is not an overpowering cigar, but offers a medium bodied profile that can be enjoyed any time of day, before a meal or after. I lit up a Connecticut Roll Back the next morning to enjoy with my coffee. The Connecticut was mild but flavorful, with the slightly sweet and creamy flavors that I tend to go for in a morning smoke. Both cigars burned very well, had a great draw and were obviously well constructed.

C&C also offers the LRMD (Limited Release Maduro), which is their premium boxed cigar. I have not yet had the opportunity to sample this cigar, but am looking forward to what should be a medium-full strength cigar with decent amounts of Dominican Ligero tobacco. The LRMD will be available in the same 3 sizes as the Roll Back, and at very reasonable prices for a premium line (Robusto: $3.99, Toro $4.29 and Churchill $4.49).


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