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601 Steel Girder Review

It’s that time of year in Florida, when things get cold. Now to be fair, if you’re from New England or the mid-west and you were to visit Southwest Florida, you would probably think the weather is perfect. For those of us who call Florida home, a high in the mid-50s is a cold day. We break out the patio heaters if we want to smoke on our lanais (that’s a screened-in patio for non-Floridians), and wear thick sweaters and our heaviest coats. As I get ready to smoke the 601 Steel Girder, I have the heater going and am cozied up with my electric blanket. And yes, it’s a bone-chilling 58 degrees.

CI-6ST-ANVM Size: 6 x 52

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano Oscuro

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Strength: Medium-Full

Body: Full

The cigar is firm to the touch and has a couple visible veins. The aroma off the foot of a cigar has a lot of cocoa and the cold draw is distinctly cocoa as well.
First Third
I am greeted by a blast of peppery flavors from the initial half inch of the cigar, which is not surprising for a Nicaraguan cigar. The flavors do smooth out a bit as I continue, with some spices on the front of the palate and a lightly bitter wood on the finish
Second Third
The second third of the Steel Girder introduces some salty nutty flavors on the front of the palate. The finish has a slight metallic quality.
Final Third
The final third of the cigar has strong woodsy notes on both the front of the palate and the finish. The finish also brings back the strong peppery flavors from the first half inch of the cigar.
Overall Thoughts
601 single and box For the most part, the 601 Steel Girder has a fairly typical Nicaraguan cigar flavor profile. It is a stronger cigar in both body and strength, so it is probably best smoked later in the evening after a good meal. The cigar was solid in construction, with an even burn line, easy draw and no need for relights or touch-ups during the smoke.

If you are interested in lighting up one of these, you can order them online here.

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Montecristo Relentless Natural Toro Review

Ahhhhh, the warm weather of Florida. It’s our first day back from visiting our families for Thanksgiving, and though it really isn’t the “frozen tundra” we make it out to be, there was some snow on the ground and the temperatures were far below what we’re used to at home. For me, that means at least 3 layers of clothing and unfortunately, enjoying only a couple cigars during our 5-day trip. So needless to say, I’m very happy to be home, reunited with my puppy (sleeping on my feet as I smoke) and enjoying a cigar. While up north, I made the mistake of smoking a couple fuller bodied cigars after not having smoked anything for a few days. I usually have a very strong constitution when it comes to smoking strong cigars, but they left me feeling a bit woozy so I’m easing myself back into things with something on the mild/medium side of things, a Montecristo Relentless Natural.

CI-MTR-MAGN Size: 6 x 54

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut

Binder: Mexican San Andres

Filler: Nicaraguan and Brazilian Mata Fina long filler

Strength: Medium

Body: Mild-Medium

The cigar is firm to the touch with no spongy areas. The wrapper is very smooth looking, with no visible veins. I’m getting a light earthy aroma with some cocoa off the foot of the cigar. The pre-light draw is mostly earthy with a bit of anise.
First Third
As I light this cigar, I get a lot of toasty flavors on the front of the palate. It may sound odd, but I can only describe the finish as somewhat bread-like in flavor. The cigar is producing some nice volumes of smoke and produces a full creamy feel in the mouth. I tend to smoke cigars a bit more quickly than some, and I find out early on with this stick that puffing too often is causing a slight sourness to develop on the finish. Once I start to take my time, the finish smooths out nicely.
Second Third
The transition into the second third of the cigar is very smooth, with creamy flavors developing on the front of the palate and some nutty notes on the finish.
Final Third
The final third of the cigar brings some woodsiness into the flavors both on the front of the palate and the finish. It’s a very smooth flavor though, and not harsh like some woodsy cigars can get.
Overall Thoughts
CI-MTR-MAGN5PK The Montecristo Relentless Natural was an enjoyable “welcome home” for me. Though milder in body and strength, the flavors were somewhat complex and very smooth. The construction was excellent, with an easy draw and a very consistent burn. Even though I walked away from the cigar for a couple minutes here and there, the cigar stayed lit. This would make a decent morning cigar with coffee, or first cigar of the afternoon or evening.

If this sounds like a cigar you would enjoy, you can order them online here.

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